Purpose Guides Us

As independent consultants, ICN members fully utilize their skills and expertise. And it’s rewarding to see the direct impact of our members' work on businesses and entrepreneurs. ICN's members offer a wide range of consulting services and expertise that can be tailored to your business' needs. ICN consultants specialize in helping businesses achieve success by honing talent and combining it with wealth of experience while applying both in your niche, essential for your success.

Businesses of all sizes need specialized knowledge. As independent consultants, ICN members can offer tailored solutions that drive success. If you’re seeking guidance or need assistance with a sense of urgency, understanding these different types of services offered by ICN members can help you make informed decisions.

Here are some common types of consulting services that ICN members offer:

Business Strategy

Guidance on decisions that can impact business' profitability and operations.

Management Consulting​

Outside perspective on problem-solving, best practices, and strategy to help businesses improve performance.

Information Technology

Advise on using existing technology to the fullest or help decide what new technologies to invest in.

Financial Advisor

Expertise in financial planning, investment strategies, and risk management.


Guiding both franchisors and potential franchisees through the intricate maze of the franchise industry.


Optimize your online presence, enhance user experience, and drive sales.


Helping organizations develop effective leaders and foster a positive organizational culture.

Marketing & Sales​

Promoting products or services to potential customers, persuade and convert them.


Guidance through financial complexities, legal compliance, and interactions with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Human Resources

Guidance on workforce management, employee relations, talent acquisition, and organizational development.

Data Management

Guidance and advice on data management, analysis, and governance.


Identify problems, evaluate security issues, assess risk, and implement solutions to defend against threats.

Digital Payments

Advising businesses on how to modernize and optimize their payment processes using digital technologies.


Helping organizations future-proof their strategies by translating sustainability goals into actionable plans.