Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability consultants help businesses manage and improve their impact on the environment, society, and their own economic viability. This approach is often referred to as the “triple bottom line”, which considers environmental, social, and economic factors simultaneously. Sustainability consultants work with companies to embed sustainability into their core strategies, ensuring that their operations are environmentally and socially responsible while also being economically viable. They help businesses address a wide range of issues, from energy and emissions to investments and due diligence, aiming to create value by making operations more efficient and sustainable. The role of a sustainability consultant can include developing strategies for plastics recycling, sustainable materials, sustainable food systems, supply chain optimization, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. They also foster multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnerships across the value chain to tackle the most challenging sustainability issues.

Service Benefits

Evaluating Environmental Impact

They assess a business’s carbon footprint, energy use, water use, waste production, and air quality.

Minimizing Negative Environmental Impact

They work on reducing the company’s adverse effects on the environment.

Resource Management

They provide expertise on conserving vital resources like energy and water.

Strategic Planning

They create tailored sustainability plans that align with the business’s goals.


They ensure that the company meets all relevant environmental regulations and standards.

Data Analysis

They collect and analyze data related to sustainability and produce reports to showcase their findings.

Employee Education

They educate and train employees on environmental and sustainability issues.

Energy and Facilities Management

They identify areas where energy use can be optimized and recommend cost-effective, environmentally friendly technologies.

In essence, sustainability consulting is about helping organizations future-proof their strategies by translating ambitious sustainability goals into practical, actionable plans that yield tangible results.