Quality: Our Guiding Principle

At ICN, quality is not just a goal—it’s our compass. We believe in honesty, unwavering moral principles, and the pursuit of excellence. As consultants, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their loftiest project aspirations. Our mission extends beyond individual engagements; it’s about elevating industry standards and maintaining ethical excellence.

When you choose an ICN member, you’re choosing more than a service provider. You’re selecting a partner who embodies quality, reliability, and integrity. We take pride in delivering exceptional results, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the process.

Welcome to ICN—a community where excellence thrives.

ICN Vetting Process
Membership is not automatic and applicants are subject to strict vetting procedure (built around the ICN Core Values). Not only are members vetted on application, they are re-evaluated once a year to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards ICN demands. Ongoing vetting comprises a virtual peer review plus client satisfaction survey.

ICN Code of Conduct
On being accepted into the network, all members agree to subscribe to and abide by the terms of the ICN Code of Conduct, which establishes a minimum standard of conduct for members in order to raise and maintain ICN standards.

The ICN code of conduct requires members:

  • To conduct business in a manner that will reflect positively on ICN, their respective industry and themselves.
  • To adopt and commit to the principles and practices specified in ICN Core Values.
  • To act with integrity towards others and exercise high standards of business practice and workmanship.
  • To be committed to training and ongoing professional development.
  • If applicable, to ensure that they adhere to the relevant industry standards and other relevant technical standards, regulations and practices.
  • If applicable, to ensure that their service comply with the recognized standards specified by the client or statutory authorities in the client’s industry.
  • Not knowingly mislead others by fact or implication as to the performance of their consulting ability.

If you are working with an ICN Member and do not believe they are adhering to this code, please notify the ICN support team via our Contact Form. You can view our Complaints and Appeals Procedure here.