It is safe to say that there is an abundance of blueprints on starting an entrepreneurial business.  Performing thorough market research is an essential step to understanding and validating your business idea. However, the internet is not the most trusted source of information to provide consulting services for starting a new business.

And, because everyone has an opinion, especially those close to us (family and friends), it is important to recognize and acknowledge their existence. We all know that asking parents, siblings, friends or colleagues for business advice might not always be the best idea. For this, simply listen, express thanks the suggestion and then don’t do it.

The Story behind the Birth of ICN

Our entrepreneurial journey is one fueled by a shared passion for innovation and a deep-seated belief in the power of connections. With a collective 75 years of operational and managerial experience spanning across travel, automotive, parking, and franchising industries, we, the co-founders, have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that the right advice and guidance can have on a business.

We envisioned a digital platform that could serve as a bridge between solopreneurs and company leaders, facilitating a seamless exchange of expertise and fostering growth on both ends. It was our ambition to create a LinkedIn-type ecosystem, but with a laser focus on connecting business leaders with independent consultants across multiple industries. This realization sparked the idea for Independent Consultants Network.

The motivation to start Independent Consultants Network came from observing a gap in the market. Despite the abundance of talented independent consultants and the growing need for specialized advisory services among businesses, there was no dedicated platform that made these connections easy and efficient. We saw many businesses struggle to find the right expertise, while equally skilled consultants remained underutilized. This disconnect was not just a missed opportunity for both parties but also a bottleneck to innovation and growth in the broader economy. By leveraging our extensive, hands-on experience and networks, we set out to build a solution that would not only address this gap but also elevate the consulting and advisory landscape to a new level of excellence and collaboration.

Our enthusiasm for Independent Consultants Network is driven by the potential it has to revolutionize how businesses and consultants interact. We believe that by creating a community of vetted professionals and offering tools for meaningful engagement, we can unlock a world of possibilities. ICN was designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and, most importantly, effective in creating matches that lead to successful collaborations. It’s about more than just facilitating connections; it’s about building relationships, sharing knowledge, contributing to each other’s success and saving money through an exclusive preferred partner marketplace.

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

Since ICN registered the service mark, entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs is clearly defined in the company’s mission statement:

Through the power of connection and community, ICN is the digital conduit for success, where every interaction opens the door to infinite possibilities. Click here to learn about membership benefits.

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